Preserving Legacies, Ensuring Continuity

At Lumida, we understand that every financial journey is unique. In the intricate world of family offices, the preservation of wealth is as much about legacy as it is about finance.

At Lumida, we ensure that your family's values are carried forward seamlessly through generations.


We create tailored solutions that aim to meet the complex requirements of private clients and family offices, helping grow their wealth and preserve their legacy.


Preserve, grow, and transfer wealth
Trust & Estate


Build and lead your team
Financial planning
Estate planning


Asset Allocation
Portfolio construction
Private investment management
Tax loss harvesting & rebalancing
LiquiConsolidated reporting / Digital Vaultdity


Our services are designed to help your family navigate the complexities of managing assets while ensuring that the core ideals that define you are passed down through the generations.


Lumida can help build or partner with your existing family office.

Our team of investment advisors and service partners can act as your family office CIO or collaborate closely with your existing family office investment manager / CIO.  Our goal is to align your family vision with every decision, helping you build a legacy that stands the test of time.


In a world where the traditional 60/40 portfolio no longer suffices, Lumida stands as a beacon for those seeking more.
Our clients, with their insatiable thirst for knowledge and clarity, recognize the potential of niche asset classes and emerging technologies. Lumida's mission is to guide you beyond the ordinary, helping you achieve the extraordinary.


Ram Ahluwalia Headshot
Ram Ahluwalia
CEO, Co-CIO, Co-Founder

Ram is the Co-CIO and CEO, overseeing Lumida’s management team and directing the firm’s mission and operating principles. Ram has 20+ years of operating and investment experience, including as the founder of Cross River Crypto, founder and CEO PeerIQ (sold to Cross River Bank), and operating executive at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. Ram is a CFA Charterholder and earned his BA in Philosophy and Economics from Columbia College.

Peter Loukas Headshot
Peter Loukas
General Manager, Co-CIO, Co-Founder

Pete is the Co-CIO and General Manager of Wealth, overseeing all activities in the Digital Assets Group and Alternative Investments Group, including investment research, portfolio management, and client advisory and engagement. Pete has 12+ years of operating and investment experience, including roles at Lev Capital, Theorem Partners, Cambridge Associates, and Laurel Road. Pete is a CFA Charterholder and CAIA Charterholder, and earned his BA in International Political Economy from Fordham University.

Jonathan Espinosa Headshot
Jonathan Espinosa
Director of Wealth

Jonathan is the Director of Wealth within the Digital Assets Group, where he is responsible for the development and implementation of digital asset investment strategies for HNW and institutional clients. Jonathan has 15+ years of operating and investment experience, including as the co-founder of boutique investment advisor Veracity Capital, Director of Private Client at BlockFi, and an investment advisor at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and WE Family Offices ($15B international multi-family office). Jonathan earned his BA in Finance from University of Miami.

Dimitri Roumeliotis Headshot
Dimitri Roumeliotis
Relationship Manager

Dimitri is a Relationship Manager at Lumida where he is responsible for the development and servicing of HNW and institutional clients and their digital asset portfolios. Dimitri has 8 years of crypto native and financial services experience as a senior Institutional Salesperson at Anchorage Digital and a Vice President in Equities at Deutsche Bank. Dimitri earned his BSBA in Finance and International Business from Georgetown University where he rowed Division I Crew.

Justin Guilder Headshot
Justin Guilder
COO, CLO, Co-Founder

Justin is the COO and CLO, overseeing all corporate operations, including finance, legal, compliance, people, and investment advisory operations. Justin has 18+ years of operating, investing, and legal experience, including as Co-founder and CEO of Reserve Trust, Co-founder and Managing Director of boutique investment firm PennAve One, and Attorney at Dentons and Kilpatrick Townsend. Justin earned his JD from The George Washington University Law School and his BA in Business Administration from University of Florida.